Photography on this page © Toni Dusek

An Obituary in Pictures

We sincerely thank Toni Dusek for documenting Florin's pilgrimage for years and allowing us to use his photos further.

Florin Granwehr became aware of my photographic work in the 80s and invited me to his studio on Südstrasse in Zurich. That's when our collaboration began. I documented Florin's creations with my photographs: sculptures and their assembly, exhibitions, vernissages, and the logistical challenges involved in transporting his works. From a working relationship, a friendship soon developed. A friendship characterized by meaningful - sometimes heated - discussions, elaborate dinners, and mutual respect.

At his suggestion, I created a slideshow in 1986 and later the video documentation "Standpunkt, Drehpunkt, Zeitpunkt," which was included in the library of the Kunsthaus Zurich's collection. Many of my most vivid memories lead back to Florin's studios. Over the years, there were four of them, primarily located on Südstrasse. In each of them, he surrounded himself with sculptures, models, sketches, paintings, and "Sošken," as he called his objects. What may have appeared cluttered at first glance was, in reality, meticulously organized and sorted. In between were self-designed furniture and furnishings, as well as a small kitchen for the passionate cook.

Toni Dusek, Photographer and Cameraman